Porsche broke yet another Nurburgring production car lap record thanks to upgrades from the Manthey Racing’s GT2RS MR car. Knocking Mercedes AMG GT Black Series off it’s perch by almost 5 seconds, the Manthey GT2 clocked the 20.6km route with a lap time of 6:38:835.

Before you ask how can an “aftermarket-tuned” Porsche be considered a production car, well Porsche has cleverly adopted Manthey’s performance upgrades as part of it’s own Tequipment line up. Comprising of suspension, brakes and aerodynamic updates these options are available to it’s European customers and backed by Porsche’s full warranty.

Now some quarters are up in arms as to what defines a production car, claiming that the performance enhancing retrofit only came long after the official GT2RS was launched. Others though, defended that as long as Porsche adopted the kit as their own, it was counted. What do you think? Comments below!


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